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Hi, I'm Elder Brycen. Back in 2015 I wrote a 4 song EP on a broken guitar and a laptop in my bosses closet that I rented when a roommate left me high and dry in Salt Lake City, Utah. The local press loved it, so I booked a show at The Urban Lounge opening for Ancient River. I needed a backing band, so I hired a couple aliens from the planet Kolob and we crushed it.

Eventually, the aliens had to go back to Kolob to share good earth music with them, so I moved to San Diego, and cloned myself in a tub of LSD and frog DNA, taught my clone to play bass, and we made some cool tunes. Eventually the clone got tired of me not being able to afford to pay him, so he went off to pursue his dream of being a lot lizard. They say if you knock on the bathroom door at the truck stop in Walcott, IA, he'll appear and show you untold pleasures for 5 bucks, or a can of Hamms and a half smoked pack of Pall Malls.

In my despair, a sentient AI took over my computer and offered to joined the band and handle all the social media stuff in an attempt to learn emotion through music, which brings us to our current lineup.

We're here to build a safe place for all our children, so racists, transphobes and sexists can fuck right off. Black Lives Matter, even if in the end no lives really matter. If that offends you, snowflake, go listen to kid rock and ted nugent. We make dark indie-rock/agit-pop to sacrifice politicians to. We're Golden Plates.


Golden Plates is an alternative indie dream fit for movie soundtracks. -Slug Magazine

Golden Plates brings a distinct new wave/post punk energy, akin to the influential rock stylings of Ian Curtis and Paul Banks. - Spill

Golden Plates harkens back to pioneers of the genre, artists like The Cure, David Bowie and Queens of the Stone Age. - The Static Dive

Unique sunique sounding vocals, always vibrant instrumentation, and ultimately lyrics that are personal and profound - WWAM

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I don’t feel at home on this planet either.

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