An Indie Rock and Roll Religious Experience

In 1823, Joseph Smith claimed to have discovered the word of God on some Golden Plates in New York. For better or worse, he started a movement that forever shaped our culture.​

In 2016, Golden Plates first took the stage at Urban Lounge in Salt Lake City Utah, unleashing a sonic fury SLUG magazine described as a music project that spits in the face of pretentiousness and takes independent music back to its roots with grimy, gritty, guitar-lathered caveman rock.​

Since that fateful evening, Golden Plates, currently based in San Diego has released 2 full length albums, 2 EP's, and a weekly cover segment on Youtube and performed a number of venues and festivals across the southwest, including Sundance Festival, Keetley Music Festival, Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival and Nebo Music Festival in Utah, Mesa Music Festival in Arizona, and Soundwave in California, and has been featured in SLUG magazine, Last Festival Day Deaf, Faeton Music Blog and more.


Part blues, part distortion, part machismo rock n’ roll, it seems to be a music project borne out of the mind of Elder Brycen that spits in the face of pretentiousness and takes independent music back to its roots with grimy, gritty, guitar-lathered caveman rock.

I’m in love with this song. Especially with that monotone repeating keys melody and bassline. Everything in this song makes me feel that dirty, dark and noisy atmosphere. I also like the vocal manner, which is so pure and emotional…it seems like he singing only for me and only in this moment of time.

— Faeton Music Blog
Instant anti-hipster boner.

— Last Day Deaf


Golden Plates’ Elder Brycen approaches dream-pop songwriting as a type of free therapy. Nothing is a song about depression, according to its author, that spares very little in terms of details, and makes no effort to disguise the gruesome aspects under metaphors.

What we’re treated to is a shoegaze confessional complete with effect-soaked vocals, murmuring guitars, and even a glimmer of hope for the future.



Golden Plates has released a brand new track called “Wild Moon” This track comes from their upcoming acoustic album, Golden Plates: Unplugged With the Bourbon Tabernacle Orchestra. The music has a sinister type of vibe but I feel the vibe because of the content of the lyrics. The vocals are wonderful and the background music is very powerful! Just check it out and share your thoughts below. The song is a great piece of work. Add it to your playlist today.

-Reignland Magazine


This is a San Diego based artist whose creations are dripping sweetly into my ear canal and tripping around my brain giving the best cerebral massage. Honey, this a gorgeous parade of notes and images that’s highly addicting. Who is this artist?

Lets meet  Golden Plates and the multi talented juggler and artist who is Elder Brycen – a character with character!

Elder Brycen has, in my opinion, a really lovely voice that’s reminiscent of David Bowie and Liam Gallagher but not an exact copy of either. Simply put, I just adore Elder Brycen’s voice and style!

-San Diego Blather



Golden Plates